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St Anne's College

St Anne’s stands out in Oxford as a college that is down to earth, modern, informal and open to the world. It also has a determined sense of its academic purpose.
This is a young college and attracts students from all sorts of different cultures and backgrounds, from across Britain and across the world.
It began in 1879 offering a university education to women who otherwise would have found it unaffordable. It became a full College of the University in 1952. It has taken both men and women since 1979, and is now one of Oxford’s largest colleges, with over 400 undergraduates and 150 graduates.

Series associated with St Anne's College

Centre for Personalised Medicine
Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (OCCT)
St Anne's College
# Episode Title Description People Date
70 Series 2 Episode 1 - The environmental cost of personalised medicine In this episode, Dr Gabrielle Samuel speaks to Dr Rachel Horton and Dr Susie Weller about the negative environmental impacts of personalised medicine, and what this should mean for how we collect and store data. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Susie Weller 16 Jun 2022
69 Series 1 Episode 2 - Meet the Advisory Board: Dame Mary Archer In the second episode of the Meet the Advisory Board Series we talked to Dame Mary Archer about personalised medicine in practice, her academic career and her plethora of other roles she has held and is holding at the moment. Anika Knuppel, Jiyoon Lee, Dame Mary Archer 25 Jun 2021
68 Series 1 Episode 1 - Meet the Advisory Board: Dr Magdalena Skipper In the first episode of the Meet the Advisory Board Series we talked to Dr Magdalena Skipper to find out about her remarkable career in academia, science publishing and her views on personalised medicine. Magdalena Skipper 31 Mar 2021
67 How bad is the current crisis of American democracy? Professor Adam Smith gives a talk to alumni entitled "How bad is the current crisis of American democracy?" Adam Smith 04 Oct 2019
66 Creative Commons At the Frontlines of Change: Feminist Leadership Transforming Lives - Devaki Jain Lecture Noeleen Heyzer gives the 2016 Devaki Jain Lecture. Noeleen Heyzer 10 Mar 2017
65 Translation as Afterlife In this seminar, Marcela Sulak (Bar Ilan University) and Adriana X. Jacobs (Oriental Studies) will explore the possibility of translation as “afterlife” through a discussion of the Hebrew poets Orit Gidali and Hezy Leskly. Marcela Sulak, Adriana X Jacobs 24 Feb 2017
64 “Forgotten Europe”: Translating Marginalised Languages Looking specifically at Modern Greek, Polish, Dutch, and Swedish, this event interrogates what it means to translate and publish marginalised and minor European languages into English. Peter Mackridge, Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Paul Vincent, Sarah Death 10 Feb 2017
63 Between Languages: Working in and out on Translation With Adriana X. Jacobs (Professor of Modern Hebrew Literature), Kasia Szymanska (Junior Research Fellow in Slavonic Studies, University College), chaired by Kate Costello (DPhil candidate in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature). Adriana X Jacobs, Kasia Szymanska, Kate Costello 30 Nov 2016
62 Our built heritage: a gem or a millstone? What's worth keeping and why? - St Anne's Gaudy Seminar 2016 The 2016 St Anne's Gaudy Seminar. Helen Ghosh, Caroline Stanford, Liane Hartley, Michael Fradley 15 Nov 2016
61 Literature Beyond Literary Studies: Intermediality and Interdisciplinarity With Professor Ben Morgan (Professor of German) and Peter Hill (Junior Research Fellow in Arabic Literature, Christ Church College), chaired by Karoline Watroba (DPhil candidate in German and Comparative Criticism). Karoline Watroba, Ben Morgan, Peter Hill 01 Nov 2016
60 Comparative Criticism: What Is It and Why Do We Do It? Matthew Reynolds and Mohamed-Salah Omri discuss comparative literary criticism. Chaired by Valeria Taddei. Matthew Reynolds, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Valeria Taddei 19 Oct 2016
59 Intercultural Literary Practices Laura Lonsdale (Queen's College, Oxford): 'Barbarisms: Multilingualism and Modernity in Narratives of the Spanish- speaking World’. Respondent: Jane Hiddleston (French/Oxford) Laura Lonsdale, Jane Hiddeston 09 Nov 2015
58 Fiction and Other Minds Peter Garratt (Durham): ‘Mind Bloat and The Lifted Veil’ Helen Small (English/Oxford): 'On the Verification of Mental Experience'. Chaired by Ben Morgan. Peter Garratt, Ben Morgan, Helen Small 09 Nov 2015
57 Extremist Translation and the Deformation Zone Joyelle McSweeney (University of Notre Dame), Johannes Göransson (University of Notre Dame), Dr Adriana X. Jacobs (Oriental Institute), give a talk for the OCCT Translation and Criticism strand. Joyelle McSweeney, Johannes Göransson, Adriana X Jacobs 24 Jul 2015
56 Lunchtime talk with Italian journalist Antonio Armano Cultural journalist and a writer.Antonio Armano in conversation with Valentina Gosetti. Antonio Armano, Valentina Gosetti 23 Jun 2015
55 The UK, Germany, and the European Union Talk given by the former German Ambassador, Georg Boomgaarden, at St Anne's College in November 2014. Part of the inaugural international seminar and dinner at the College. Georg Boomgaarden 11 Mar 2015
54 Translation and Ekphrasis: Dante and the visual arts Ekphrasis finds words for paintings and other visual phenomena; translation finds words for other words. But how secure in this distinction, given that language has visual form, and that the visual arts can employ language-like elements? Robin Kirkpatrick, Jas Elsner, Matthew Reynolds, Andrew Klevan 24 Feb 2015
53 Creative Commons Intercultural Tales Hanan al-Shaykh gives a talk on 'Intercultural Literary Practices', with responses by Professor Marina Warner and Claire Gallien, chaired by Prof. Mohamed-Salah Omri (Oriental Studies). Part of the Intercultural Literary Practices OCCT Strand. Hanan al-Shaykh, Marina Warner, Claire Gallien, Mohamed-Salah Omri 17 Feb 2015
52 Creative Commons To the Lighthouse Laura Salisbury, Sowon Park (English), give a talk about Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse. The chair is Ben Morgan (MML). Part of the Fiction and Other Minds OCCT Strand. Sowon Park, Ben Morgan, Laura Sailsbury 09 Feb 2015
51 Creative Commons OCCT event - The Creativity of Criticism part four Short presentation by Dr Martyn Harry (Music) followed by discussion. Martyn Harry 19 Dec 2014
50 Creative Commons OCCT event - The Creativity of Criticism part three Short presentation by Dr Jason Gaiger (Ruskin School) followed by discussion. Jason Gaiger 19 Dec 2014
49 Creative Commons OCCT event - The Creativity of Criticism part two Short presentation by Dr Matthew Reynolds (English) followed by discussion. Matthew Reynolds 19 Dec 2014
48 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - Translation and Comparison part two Translation and Comparison. Convener: Dr. Xiaofan Amy Li Clive Holes 17 Dec 2014
47 Unbuttoning Catullus A discussion with Dr Gail Trimble, Prof. Nicola Gardini, Josephine Balmer for the OCCT Translation and Criticism strand. Chaired by Professor Matthew Reynolds Gail Trimble, Nicola Gardini, Josephine Balmer, Matthew Reynolds. 01 Dec 2014
46 Other Worlding A talk given by Peter Hitchcock from the OCCT strand "Intercultural Literary Practises." Peter Hitchcock, Katrin Kohl, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Jane Hiddleston 14 Nov 2014
45 Kirmen Uribe - Reading and in discussion with Daniela Omlor and Xon de Ros A reading and discussion from the Translation and Criticism strand, Cultures of Mind-Reading: The Novel and Other Minds Intercultural Literary Practices. Kirmen Uribe, Daniela Omlor, Xon de Ros 14 Nov 2014
44 Is the printed word dead? Kathryn Sutherland, Drummond Moir and Sara Lloyd give talk for the St Anne's college Alumni Weekend 2014 Kathryn Sutherland, Drummond Moir, Sara Lloyd 15 Oct 2014
43 Diseases of Modern Life Professor Sally Shuttleworth, Head of the Humanities Division, gives a talk for the St Anne's Alumni Weekend 2014 Sally Shuttleworth 15 Oct 2014
42 Creative Commons Cultures of Mind-Reading: The Novel and Other Minds - ‘Narrative and/as Heterophenomenology: Modelling Nonhuman Experiences in Storyworlds’ Prof David Herman (Durham) on ‘Narrative and/as Heterophenomenology: Modelling Nonhuman Experiences in Storyworlds’ with responses from Dr Emily Troscianko (MML) and Dr James Carney (Social and Evolutionary Science Research Group) followed by refreshments David Herman, Emily Troscianko, James Carney 20 Sep 2014
41 Creative Commons Cultures of Mind-Reading: The Novel and Other Minds - “Tell Me Who I Am” Dr. Marco Bernini (Durham): ‘Parallel Convergence: Cognitive Science Facing Beckett’s “The Unnamable”’, and Dr. Simon Kemp (Oxford): ‘Tell Me Who I Am’: Beckett’s “The Unnamable”. Marco Bernini, Simon Kemp 20 Sep 2014
40 Creative Commons OCCT event - The Point of Comparison The Point of Comparison Mohamed-Salah Omri, Elleke Boehmer, Ben Morgan, Nicola Gardini 20 Sep 2014
39 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - Translation and Comparison part one Translation and Comparison. Convener: Dr. Xiaofan Amy Li Clive Scott 20 Sep 2014
38 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - The Practice of Commentary Dr Robert Chard (Oriental Studies) on Commentary and the Confucian Ritual Canon, and Prof Stephen Harrison (Classics) on Commentary and Reception in Classics. Robert Chard, Stephen Harrison 20 Sep 2014
37 Creative Commons Languages of Criticism - Creatively Critical Dr Clare Connors (UEA) and Prof Wen-Chin Ouyang (SOAS) will explore the place of creativity in recent Western and classical Arabic literary criticism. Respondent: Dr Helen Slaney. Clare Connors, Wen-Chin Ouyang, Helen Slaney. 20 Sep 2014
36 Creative Commons OCCT event - The Creativity of Criticism part one Short presentation by Andrew Klevan, followed by discussion. Andrew Klevan 20 Sep 2014
35 Creative Commons Philosophy of Criticism - Creativity as a Virtue of Character Prof. Matthew Kieran (Leeds) Matthew Kieran 20 Sep 2014
34 Creative Commons Philosophy of Criticism - Malcolm Budd’s “The Intersubjective Validity of Aesthetic Judgements” Prof Derek Matravers (The Open University) on Malcolm Budd’s “The Intersubjective Validity of Aesthetic Judgements”. Derek Matravers 20 Sep 2014
33 Creative Commons Philosophy of Criticism - Justifying Canonic Value Prof. Paul Crowther (Galway) on the Canon. Convened by Dr. Klevan and Dr. Grant. Paul Crowther 20 Sep 2014
32 Creative Commons Philosophy of Criticism - Creativity, Culture and Tradition Prof. Berys Gaut (St Andrews) on Creativity Berys Gaut 20 Sep 2014
31 Creative Commons Intercultural Literary Practices - Rethinking the Political through Intercultural Aesthetics Salim Bachi is author of Le Chien d’Ulysse (2001), Le Silence de Mahomet (2010), Moi, Khaled Khelkal (2012), and other books. He will read from his work (with a translation provided), and discuss the seminar theme. Other speakers are: Patrick Crowley (Uni Salim Bachi, Patrick Crowley, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Jane Hiddleston 20 Sep 2014
30 Creative Commons Intercultural Literary Practices - Theorising Interculturality Dr. Birgit Kaiser (Utrecht), Prof. Peter McDonald (English), and Prof. Elleke Boehmer (English) Birgit Kaiser, Peter McDonald, Elleke Boehmer 20 Sep 2014
29 Creative Commons Translators and Writers - Translation and Fictionality Peter Ghosh and Jonathan Katz on Translation and Fictionality Peter Ghosh, Jonathan Katz, Patrick McGuinness 20 Sep 2014
28 Creative Commons Translators and Writers - Poetry and the Act of Translation Prof Patrick McGuinness (MML) on pseudo translations and Dr Adriana X Jacobs (Oriental Studies) on rogue translations. Respondent: Kasia Szymanska. Patrick McGuinness, Adriana X Jacobs, Kasia Szymanska 20 Sep 2014
27 Mathematics in Medicine and Biology Dr Sarah Waters (Fellow and Tutor in Applied Mathematics) gives a talk for the St Anne's College Maths reunion Sarah Waters 03 Feb 2014
26 A History of Maths at St Anne's Dr Graham Nelson (Supernumerary Fellow and Lecturer in Mathematics), gives a talk for the St Anne's College Maths reunion Graham Nelson 03 Feb 2014
25 Scaling Hilary: A world-class maths education for all Junaid Mubeen (Mathematics, 2004), gives a talk for the St Anne's College MAthematics reuion Junaid Mubeen 03 Feb 2014
24 Creative Commons Translation as Literature Matthew Reynolds, Fellow and Tutor in English Language and Literature, Oxford, gives a talk for the 2013 Oxford Alumni Weekend. Matthew Reynolds 29 Oct 2013
23 Round Table: The Future of Comparative Criticism Matthew Reynolds, Laura Marcus, Mohamed-Salah Omri and Terence Cave on the futures of comparative criticism; followed by discussion. Matthew Reynolds, Laura Marcus, Mohamed-Salah Omri, Terence Cave 22 Oct 2013
22 Tropes of Comparison Katrin Kohl on metaphors of comparison, Ami Li on temporality and interpretive contexts, Carole Bourne-Taylor on Michel Deguy. Katrin Kohl, Ami Li, Carole Bourne-Taylor 22 Oct 2013
21 Comparative Literature, Britain and Empire Joep Leerssen on Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Philologists: Comparative Literature between National Ethnicity and Global Empire. Joep Leerssen, Ritchie Robertson 22 Oct 2013
20 Shaped by the Classics? Tania Demetriou on the non-existent classical epyllion; Helen Slaney on dilettante comparatists; Henriette Korthals Altes on dance and text; John McKeane on Sophocles, Holderlin and Lacoue-Labarthe. Tania Demetriou, Helen Slaney, Henriette Korthals Altes, John McKeane 22 Oct 2013
19 Literature in the World Ritchie Robertson on Weltliteratur before Goethe; Wen-Chin Ouyang's response; Sowon Park on world literature and the pan-Asian empire. Ritchie Robertson, Sowon Park 22 Oct 2013
18 Creative Commons Where will Tomorrow's Food Come From - and What will be the Consequences? The St Anne's Gaudy Seminar explores the topic of food security, focusing in particular on sustainability, supply and demand, and aid and trade. How will science, ecology and consumers have an impact on how food is produced and distributed? Tim Benton, Mary Atkinson 30 Sep 2013
17 Creative Commons Rich and Poor in Britain in the Age of Dickens and Today A lecture exploring the differences and similarities between the rich and poor of Dickens' era and that of today. Alison Jackson, Jane Humphries, Helen Small and Paul Donovan bring forward their views in a panel discussion. Alison Jackson, Jane Humphries, Helen Small, Paul Donovan 15 Oct 2012
16 Creative Commons Military Ethics Ancient and Modern A talk from Matthew Leigh, Fellow and Tutor from St Anne's College, Oxford University, on Military Ethics; taken from the Alumni Weekend 2012. Matthew Leigh 15 Oct 2012
15 St Anne's and the Sciences A discussion with Professor Dame Linda Partridge and Professor Jean Golding which took place on Saturday 19th May as part of St Anne's 60th anniversary celebrations. Linda Partridge, Jean Golding, Nina Alphey 30 Jul 2012
14 Creative Commons St Anne's and the Imagination A discussion with Dame Penelope Lively and Professor Patrick McGuinness which took place on Saturday 19th May as part of St Anne's 60th anniversary celebrations. Penelope Lively, Patrick McGuinness, David Smith 30 Jul 2012
13 Introduction to Project Management Samantha Ackermere, a student at St Anne's College, Oxford, gives a talk on project management relative to large, complex projects. Samantha Ackermere 26 Apr 2012
12 Creative Commons Metaphor and Synesthesia: Some Considerations on Expressive Blending April Pierce, DPhil Researcher at St Anne's College, Oxford, gives a talk on Metaphor and Synesthesia, a neurological condition. April Pierce 26 Apr 2012
11 Creative Commons Philosophy Reunion Seminar: Emotion, Imagination and Education Kathleen Lennon, Philosophy, University of Hull gives a Special Philosophy Seminar at St Anne's. Introduced by Roger Crisp, Oxford and featuring responses from Constantine Sandis and Dawn Wilson. Kathleen Lennon, Roger Crisp, Constantine Sandis, Dawn Wilson 05 Mar 2012
10 An interview with Gabriele Taylor by Dr Nigel Bowles An interview with the philosopher Gabriele Taylor (Senior Research Fellow at St Anne's) conducted by Dr Nigel Bowles (Director of the Rothermere American Institute). Gabriele Taylor, Nigel Bowles 20 Sep 2011
9 Creative Commons International Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect Professor Neil MacFarlane, Fellow in International Relations gives a talk on Humanitarian aid, the responsibility of the international community to protect individuals and groups on 18th June 2011. Neil MacFarlane 28 Jun 2011
8 Creative Commons Costume in Roman Comedy From the St Anne's Classics Reunion. The role of costume in Roman comedy by Professor Matthew Leigh. Matthew Leigh 09 Mar 2011
7 Creative Commons Costume in Greek Tragedy From the St Anne's Classics Reunion. The role of swords in Greek tragedy by Dr Rosie Wyles. Rosie Wyles 09 Mar 2011
6 Creative Commons A Florence Nightingale for the 21st Century From the 2010 Alumni Weekend. Marjorie Reeves Memorial lecture given in St Anne's College. Mark Bostridge, author of the first major biography of Florence Nightingale in 50 years talks about the great woman's life and character. Mark Bostridge 25 Oct 2010
5 Creative Commons In Defense of Business Ethics - Said Business School Centre for Corporate Reputation Roger Crisp gives a talk on business ethics as part of the Said Business School's Seminar - The ethics of reputation and the reputation of ethics: oxymoron or research subject? Roger Crisp 27 May 2010
4 Creative Commons Legal issues in state censorship Peter McDonald and Liora Lazarus discuss the legal issues of state censorship especially in Apartheid era South Africa. Peter McDonald, Liora Lazarus 17 Nov 2009
3 Interview with Frances Cairncross, Rector of Exeter College Frances Cairncross, Rector of Exeter College and former managing editor of The Economist talks about the role of a College in teaching and research. Frances Cairncross, Denis Noble 26 May 2009
2 Genetics of Common Human Diseases Peter Donnelly, one of the UK's leading statisticians and geneticists, discusses his involvement in recent projects aimed at understanding the genetics of common human diseases. Peter Donnelly 29 Apr 2009
1 Roger Crisp on Aristotle's Ethics Roger Crisp, Uehiro Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, discusses the ethics of Aristotle. Roger Crisp, Oliver Lewis 12 Sep 2008