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Saïd Business School

The Saïd Business School is one of Europe's youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools. An integral part of the University of Oxford, the School embodies the academic rigour and forward thinking that has made Oxford a world leader in education. The School is dedicated to developing a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs, and conducting research not only into the nature of business, but the connections between business and the wider world.

Series associated with Saïd Business School

Building a Business
Business and the Environment - A conference from the Said Business School, University of Oxford
Dean's Seminar Series: Saïd Business School
Distinguished Speakers Seminar
Future of Business
Global insights in impact investing
Medical Innovation
Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities
Oxford Said Entrepreneurship Forum
Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum 2020
Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford
The Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum
# Episode Title Description People Date
101 How do I start a Business? - Introduction Constantin Coussios, Professor in the Institute for Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford, introduces the initial steps needed to launch a venture and issues to consider. Constantin Coussios 27 Oct 2014
102 Creative Commons Future Proofing Business: Beyond CSR Pamela Hartigan, Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Saïd Business School, discusses some emerging models of entrepreneurial ventures that have a social and/or environmental mission at their core. Pamela Hartigan 26 Feb 2014
103 Creative Commons Understanding Financial Control Simon Husband, Director, Richardsons Financial Group gives some frank advice on taxes, record-keeping and financial control for entrepreneurs in the early stage of business. Simon Husband 26 Feb 2014
104 Creative Commons Building a Business 2013-14: The Art and Practice of Negotiation Ian Kessler, Professor of International Human Resource Management, King's College London, gives a talk for the 2013-14 Building a Business series Ian Kessler 12 Feb 2014
105 Creative Commons Raising capital, doing deals Henry Davis, Senior Associate, Index Ventures, gives a talk for the 2013-14 Series of Building a Business Henry Davis 12 Feb 2014
106 Building a Business 2013/14: Protecting your ideas: intellectual property Ian Bingham, Senior Partner, IP Asset LLP, gives a talk for the Building a Business seminar series looking at intellectual property law and how new businesses can protect their ideas Ian Bingham 18 Dec 2013
107 Building a Business 2013/14: From business models to business plans Barbara Diehl and Maria Nikolou, The Entrepreneurship Centre, Saïd Business School give a talk for the Building A Business seminar series looking at creating a business plan from business models. Barbara Diehl, Maria Nikolou 18 Dec 2013
108 Creative Commons Oxford at Said: A human genome in minutes and what it will mean to you Oxford Nanopore is a British company, spun out of the University of Oxford in 2005 and founded on the science of Prof Hagan Bayley. It is developing new technology that has the potential to improve greatly the speed and cost of DNA sequencing. Hagan Bayley 25 Mar 2013
109 Creative Commons Building a Business 2012/13: Creating an Innovative, Compelling and Sustainable Business Pamela Hartigan is the Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School. Pamela Hartigan 19 Mar 2013
110 Building a Business 2012/13: Be a New Kind of Leader, Fit for the 21st Century John Knights is the Co-founder and Chairman of Leadershape Ltd. John Knights 19 Mar 2013
111 Creative Commons Building a Business 2012/13: Understanding Financial Control Simon Husband is the Director of Richardsons Financial Group. Simon Husband 19 Mar 2013
112 Creative Commons Building a Business 2012/13: Taking the First Steps: Company Basics Martin Chilcott, founder and CEO of 2 degrees, specialises in the environment and education. 2 degrees is the largest community for sustainable business globally. Martin Chilcott 15 Mar 2013
113 Creative Commons Oxford at Said Seminar: Oxford and Oxfam working together on the ethics of war, weapons and humanitarian aid The practice of protecting unarmed civilians amidst the fierce violence of international and non-international war contends with extreme political realities and rapidly developing robotic weapons technology. Hear how Oxford and Oxfam are working together. Hugo Slim, Jane Cocking, Alexander Leveringhaus 14 Mar 2013
114 Oxford at Said Seminar: Neuroscience This Oxford at Said seminar showcases some of Oxfords most exciting new research in the area of Neuroscience. Susan Greenfield, Zam Cader, Laura Suter-Dick 13 Aug 2012
115 Building a Business: Managing People, Managing Teams Tim Cook (Non-Executive Director of Isis Innovation) discusses managing people and teams. Tim Cook 22 Feb 2012
116 Building a Business: Marketing and Product Development Patrick Mawhood (Head of Product Manufacturing at Sky IQ) discusses marketing and developing your product or service. Patrick Mawhood 22 Feb 2012
117 Oxford at Said Seminar: Energy In this seminar three Oxford academics explore the role of energy demand in a low carbon future, fusion and solar energy. Nick Eyre, Steven Cowley, Henry Snaith 04 Jul 2011
118 Oxford at Said Seminar: Drug Discovery In this seminar two academics explore experimental medicine in early-phase clinical trials and reforming intellectual property. Vincenzo Libri, Chas Bountra 04 Jul 2011
119 Building a Business: Entrepreneurship and the Ideal Business Plan Fiona Reid (Former Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) talks about communicating your vision and the ideal business plan. Fiona Reid 24 Mar 2011
120 Building a Business: Marketing: Creating and Keeping Customers Jonathan Reynolds (Academic Director of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management) discusses principles of marketing, including using the internet and social media. Jonathan Reynolds 24 Mar 2011
121 Oxford at Said: Migration, Life on the Move An exploration of global migration and development and the economics of migrant labour. Hein de Haas, Carlos Vargas-Silva 19 Jan 2011
122 Second Sir Douglas Hague Annual Lecture: Professor Raymond Dwek Professor Dwek explores Oxford University's strong track record of interacting with the commercial world. Raymond Dwek 19 Jan 2011
123 Resilience and adaptation in complex city systems James Simmie (Department of Planning, Oxford Brookes University) develops an evolutionary economics approach to adaptation and change in urban economies. James Simmie 15 Dec 2010
124 Creative Commons Sustainable development and crime in the urban Caribbean David Howard (University Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford) looks at larger concerns over social and spatial equity, conceptual approaches to sovereignty and the practical interpretation of sustainable forms of justice. David Howard 15 Dec 2010
125 Global migration and the future of le droit à la ville Michael Keith (Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford) interrogates how we think about urban change and normative theory in cities experiencing high levels of international migration. Michael Keith 15 Dec 2010
126 Creative Commons New business models for low-carbon cities Mark Hinnells (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford) explores the impact of policy measures to deliver a low-carbon economy on the development of new business models for low-carbon cities. Mark Hinnells 16 Nov 2010
127 Sustainable urban development to 2050 - complex transitions in the built environment of cities Tim Dixon (Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, Oxford Brookes University) looks at 'critical success factors' that need to be in place for cities to be more sustainable by 2050. Tim Dixon 16 Nov 2010
128 The paralyzed frog, water supply services and sustainable cities Rob Hope (School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford) gives a talk on institutional innovations and new financial models for sustainable water as part of a seminar series on the Future of Cities. Rob Hope 16 Nov 2010
129 Medical Innovation 2010: Keynote Address and Closing Remarks A Keynote Address given by Sir William Castell, Chairman of the Wellcome Trust and closing remarks given by Prof Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Dean, Said Business School. William Castell, Colin Mayer 02 Aug 2010
130 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 8 Financing Innovation: How can we utilise novel mechanisms to fund innovation? Rob James, Shelagh Wilson, Javier Guzman, Adrian Towse 02 Aug 2010
131 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 7 Evaluating Innovation: How do we evaluate innovation appropriately? Stephen Richards, Kalipso Chalkidou, Robyn Norton, Paul Glasziou 02 Aug 2010
132 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 6 Clinical Entrepreneurship. Oliver Bernath, Jake Arnold-Forster, Richard Darch, Mike Stein 02 Aug 2010
133 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 5 Entrepreneurship in the Community. Pamela Hartigan, Joop Tanis, Andrea Coleman, Deborah Szebeko 02 Aug 2010
134 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 4 Change and Innovation: What are the obstacles to change in complex health organisations in the UK? Sue Dopson, Keith Ruddle, Andrew Pettigrew, Allan Cole 02 Aug 2010
135 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 2 Healthcare Service Innovations: How do we provide high quality healthcare with decreased resources globally? Steve Fairman, Keith Willet, Thulsi Ravilla, Peter McCulloch 02 Aug 2010
136 Medical Innovation 2010: Parallel Session 1 Innovation to Practice: What are the challanges to bringing innovative drugs and devices into healthcare delivery and practice globally? Lionel Tarassenko, Constantin Coussios, Peter Dobson, Christopher Elias 02 Aug 2010
137 Medical Innovation 2010: Opening Remarks and Keynote Address Opening remarks for the Medical Innovation 2010 Conference and a Keynote Address given by Prof Baron Peter Piot, The Institute for Global Health, Imperial College London, 'Harnessing Innovation to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Global Health Landscape' Sue Dopson, Andrew Hamilton, Peter Piot 02 Aug 2010
138 Oceans research: News from the "Big Blue" This Oxford at Said seminar was dedicated to the subject of oceans. Three researchers from the University of Oxford cover the topics oceans and the impact of climate change, understanding ocean ecology and how to generate energy from the tides. Ros Rickaby, Martin Speight, Guy Houlsby 08 Jun 2010
139 Roger Carr, Cadbury: Hostile bids and takeovers Roger Carr, who is to stand down as chairman of Cadbury following the recent takeover by Kraft Foods, gave a Distinguished Speaker Seminar at Saïd Business School on 9 February on the subject of hostile bids and takeovers. Roger Carr 25 Feb 2010
140 The ageing society and its implications This Oxford at Said seminar was dedicated to the topic of Ageing. Three distinguished academics from Oxford University discuss the social, biological and ethical implications for an ageing society. Sarah Harper, Lynne Cox, Julian Savulescu 10 Feb 2010
141 Feeling stressed? This Oxford at Said seminar was dedicated to the phenomenon of stress. Sloan Mahone gives a historical perspective on the topic, Ian Brown presents latest findings on occupational stress and John Morris covers stress from a physiological perspective. Sloan Mahone, Ian Brown, John Morris 09 Dec 2009
142 Emerging Markets in a Nutshell Three leading academics discuss emerging markets and explore both the issues faced by the economies in China and Latin America and the challenges faced by companies looking to invest in or do business with them. Dana Brown, Eric Thun, Laurence Whitehead 07 Dec 2009
143 Complex systems in a Nutshell Three speakers from the University of Oxford, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Mark Fricker and Jukka-Pekka Onnela, give an introduction and overview of the science of networks focussing on two areas: social and biological networks. Felix Reed-Tsochas, Mark Fricker, Jukka-Pekka Onnela 07 Dec 2009
144 Technological innovations: Perspectives on medical innovation in Less Industrialised Countries Technological innovations can bring health benefits to many people in Less Industrialised Countries. How do you find the right organisations to partner with? Adam Stoten, Matthew Harris 07 Dec 2009
145 What does it take to make a good idea successful? Successful medical innovation requires knowing how to secure resources and support. Oliver Bernath, Mark Taylor 07 Dec 2009
146 Inaugural Sir Douglas Hague Lecture: Lord Drayson Lord Drayson is currently Minister of Science and Innovation in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. In this lecture he will reflect on the opportunities and challenges the next generation of post credit crunch entrepreneurs will face. Paul Drayson, Marshall Young, Douglas Hague 20 Nov 2009
147 Service-delivery innovations: Perspectives on medical innovation in the UK Innovations in service-delivery can improve efficiency, but they may be resisted before they are accepted. What can be done to manage this? Steve Fairman, Colin Mayer, Matthew Harris 04 Nov 2009
148 Why is innovation in the NHS often hard to achieve? Innovative changes in healthcare requires understanding the obstacles that can get in the way. Sue Dopson, Trevor Campbell-Davies 04 Nov 2009
149 Business Taxation in a Nutshell Stephen Bond gives an overview over issues in business taxation; Michael Devereux discusses international issues in business taxation and Judith Freedman speaks on taxing small businesses. Stephen Bond, Michael Devereux, Judith Freedman 04 Nov 2009
150 Corporate Governance unveiled This Oxford at Said seminar was dedicated to the topic of corporate Governance. Professor Colin Mayer speaks on the role of investors in corporate governance; Professor Paul Davies covers the current debate about executive compensation. Colin Mayer, Paul Davies 04 Nov 2009
151 Mandelson: Enterprise-led Recovery Lord Peter Mandelson gave a key-note speech following an invitation by the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Said Business School. Lord Peter Mandelson 30 Oct 2009
152 Parties, Campaigns and Representation: The Political Impact of Blogs and Social Media Panel discussion during the Oxford Social Media Convention 2009 on whether the outcome of political careers and even campaigns is increasingly dependent on the successful mastery of new communication tools including social media. Helen Margetts, Iain Dale, Andrew Rasiej, Matthew McGregor 30 Oct 2009
153 Social Media, So What? Assessing the Impact of Blogs and Social Media Panel discussion during the Oxford Social Media Convention 2009 on the socially egalitarian and politically democratic potential of social media. Have they lived up to the promises? Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, Stefan Niggemeier, Evgeny Morozov, Richard Allan 30 Oct 2009
154 Breaking News: The Changing Relationship Between Blogs and Mainstream Media Panel discussion during the Oxford Social Media Convention 2008 on whether social media necessarily threaten traditional news media, and what, if anything they may have to offer in return. David Levy, Richard Sambrook, John Kelly, Jonathan Ford 30 Oct 2009
155 Making Science Public: Data-sharing, Dissemination and Public Engagement with Science Panel discussion on how social media have changed the nature of the scientific debate among scientists, and how they have impacted on engagement with the public understanding of science. Felix Reed-Tsochas, Maxine Clarke, Ben Goldacre, Cameron Neylon 30 Oct 2009
156 Understanding cancer: News from the frontline This Oxford at Said seminar was dedicated to cancer research. Three researchers from the University of Oxford give insights into recent advances in the field of cancer cell biology, therapy and epidemiology. Jordon Raff, Gillies McKenna, Sir Richard Peto 04 Aug 2009
157 What can we learn from history about the current financial crisis? In this seminar, three Oxford academics will discuss what we can learn from business history about today’s financial crisis. Alan Morrison, Alan Bowman, Christopher McKenna 30 Jul 2009
158 The Universe, the Brain and Second Life Three presentations that explore the possibilities of the virtual world Second Life, the philosophical implications of society’s dependence on the internet and the development of the world’s first private space shuttle. Susan Greenfield, Elon Musk, Philip Rosedale 15 Jun 2009
159 What the financial crisis means for Europe Romano Prodi, past president of the European Commission talks about the financial and economic consequences of the financial crisis for Europe. Romano Prodi 18 May 2009
160 BEYOND KYOTO: Green Innovation and Enterprise for the 21st Century - Opening Address There is a great deal of innovation in the areas of green enterprise and clean technology in Oxford and the greater Oxford-London-Cambridge region, presenting an infrastructural advantage supported by world-class universities and businesses. Michael Liebreich 07 May 2009