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Translational Medicine

Research in Medicine needs to ultimately translate into better treatment of patients. Researchers at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, collaborate to develop better care and improved preventive measures. Findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from Bench to Bedside.

# Episode Title Description People Date
54 Creative Commons Viral vectored vaccine development Professor Sarah Gilbert talks about her work on viral vectored vaccines. Sarah Gilbert 14 Nov 2012
53 Multiple Sclerosis Professor Lars Fugger talks about his research on multiple sclerosis. Lars Fugger 30 Oct 2012
52 Creative Commons INDOX Cancer Research Network Dr Raghib Ali talks about INDOX, the cancer research network in India. Raghib Ali 09 Oct 2012
51 Creative Commons Childhood Nutrition and Immunity Dr Jay Berkley tells us about his work on childhood nutrition and immunity in East Africa. Jay Berkley 25 Sep 2012
50 Creative Commons Immune System in the Gastrointestinal tract Dr Holm Uhlig talks about the role of the immune system in our gastrointestinal tract. Holm Uhlig 12 Sep 2012
49 Creative Commons Autoimmunity Professor Richard Cornall tells us about his research on autoimmunity. Richard Cornall 12 Sep 2012
48 Creative Commons Progress in Malaria Vaccine Research Dr Simon Draper tells us about his progress in malaria vaccine research. Simon Draper 11 Sep 2012
47 Creative Commons Rift Valley Fever Dr George Warimwe talks about his research on Rift Valley Fever. George Warimwe 31 Jul 2012
46 Creative Commons Diabetes in Young Adults Dr Katharine Owen talks about the different types of Diabetes in young adults. Katherine Owen 17 Jul 2012
45 Creative Commons Cancer Metabolism Dr Patrick Pollard tells us about his research on cancer metabolism. Patrick Pollard 10 Jul 2012
44 Creative Commons Diabetes and Genomics Professor Mark McCarthy tells us how genomics helps us understand diabetes. Mark McCarthy 03 Jul 2012
43 Creative Commons Universal Flu Vaccine Dr Richard Antrobus talks about his research in the development of a universal flu vaccine. Richard Antrobus 26 Jun 2012
42 Creative Commons Malaria vaccine for P. vivax Dr Arturo Reyes-Sandoval tells us about his research on a vaccine against Plasmodium vivax. Arturo Reyes-Sandoval 19 Jun 2012
41 Creative Commons Wider Statin Use Saves Lives Colin Baigent, Professor of Epidemiology, Clinical Trial Service Unit, Oxford, talks about why the drug Statin saves lives. Colin Baigent 18 Jun 2012
40 Creative Commons Can we eradicate Tuberculosis? Dr Helen Fletcher talks about progress in the development of a vaccine against tuberculosis. Helen Fletcher 12 Jun 2012
39 Creative Commons Genome Integrity Dr Opher Gileadi tells us how cells maintain genome integrity and how we can use it in our fight against cancer. Opher Gileadi 01 Jun 2012
38 Dengue Infection Dr Kerstin Luhn talks about her research on Dengue infection. Kerstin Luhn 29 May 2012
37 Creative Commons HIV Vaccine Development Professor Tomas Hanke tells us about his research on HIV vaccine development. Tomas Hanke 22 May 2012
36 Personalised Diabetes Treatment Professor Stephen Gough talks about the development of personalised diabetes treatment. Stephen Gough 17 May 2012
35 Creative Commons Statistical Genetics Professor Gil McVean tells us how statistical genetics helps us understand and treat disease. Gil McVean 17 May 2012
34 Creative Commons Liver Fat Metabolism Dr Leanne Hodson talks about her research on liver fat metabolism. Leanne Hodson 01 May 2012
33 Creative Commons Metabolism of Fatty Acids Dr Barbara Fielding talks about her research on the metabolism of fatty acids. Barbara Fielding 17 Apr 2012
32 Creative Commons Lowering cholesterol in chronic kidney disease The largest trial investigating the benefits of cholesterol lowering in kidney patients. Colin Baigent 03 Apr 2012
31 Creative Commons Hepatitis C vaccine Dr Ellie Barnes talks about her research on Hepatitis C and her work on a T cell vaccine. Ellie Barnes 03 Apr 2012
30 Creative Commons Genetics and Diabetes Dr Anna Gloyn talks about her research on the genetics of Diabetes. Anna Gloyn 20 Mar 2012
29 Creative Commons Infectious diseases in China Dr Tao Dong tells us about her collaborations in China on infections such as HIV, flu and Hepatitis B. Tao Dong 06 Mar 2012
28 Creative Commons The treatment of severe malaria Prof. Arjen Dondorp tells us about his work on severe malaria and the development of new therapies. Arjen Dondorp 21 Feb 2012
27 Creative Commons HIV and children in Africa Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones tells us about her work on HIV with children in Africa. Sarah Rowland-Jones 07 Feb 2012
26 Creative Commons Diabetes and Insulin Secretion Professor Patrik Rorsman talks about Diabetes and how beta cells within the pancreas control insulin secretion. Patrik Rorsman 24 Jan 2012
25 Creative Commons How can we live with HIV? Dr Lucy Dorrell tells us how our immune system controls HIV and how we can live with this virus. Lucy Dorrell 10 Jan 2012
24 Creative Commons Viruses, how to be the perfect host Professor Paul Klenerman talks about our relationship with persistent viruses, such as Hepatitis C. Paul Klenerman 12 Dec 2011
23 Creative Commons Genomics and Global Health Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski talks about his work on global health, how genomics can help us fight infections such as malaria. Dominic Kwiatkowski 24 Nov 2011
22 Creative Commons Specific Language Impairment Dr Dianne Newbury talks about the contribution of genetics to specific language impairment. Dianne Newbury 14 Nov 2011
21 Creative Commons HIV immunology for Vaccine Design Dr Seph Borrow tells us how her research on HIV Immunology helps design better vaccines. Seph Borrow 01 Nov 2011
20 Creative Commons Renal Disease Professor Chris Pugh tells us about the links between genetics, renal disease and oxygen sensing. Chris Pugh 11 Oct 2011
19 Creative Commons Dyslexia and Genetics Dr Silvia Paracchini talks about the influence of Genetics in Dyslexia. Silvia Paracchini 27 Sep 2011
18 Creative Commons Aiming for a HIV vaccine Professor Sir Andrew McMichael tells us about recent developments in the search for a vaccine against HIV. Andrew McMichael 13 Sep 2011
17 Creative Commons Palliative Care Dr Bee Wee tells us about Palliative Care in Oxford and her research on end of life care and fatigue. Bee Wee 30 Aug 2011
16 Creative Commons Tropical Medicine in Kenya Professor Kevin Marsh tells us about his research on Tropical Medicine in Kenya. Kevin Marsh 19 Jul 2011
15 Creative Commons Cancer and Protein Crystallography Professor Yvonne Jones talks about cell-cell communication and how this can help us develop new drugs. Yvonne Jones 06 Jul 2011
14 Obesity and Diabetes Professor Fredrik Karpe explores the links between obesity and diabetes. Fredrik Karpe 21 Jun 2011
13 Creative Commons Proteomics and Biomarkers Dr Benedikt Kessler tells us how proteomics helps find biomarkers. Benedikt Kessler 07 Jun 2011
12 Creative Commons Role of Lifestyle and Diet in Cancer Professor Tim Key tells us about the role of life style and diet in the development of cancer. Tim Key 10 May 2011
11 Creative Commons Autophagy Dr Katja Simon tells us about her research on autophagy in red blood cells. Katja Simon 26 Apr 2011
10 Creative Commons Spondyloarthritis Dr Paul Bowness tells us about his work on spondyloarthritis. Paul Bowness 12 Apr 2011
9 Obesity and Genetics Dr Cecilia Lindgren explores the links between obesity and genetics. Cecilia Lindgren 29 Mar 2011
8 Creative Commons Iron Metabolism Dr Hal Drakesmith tells us how his work on iron availability can help us fight infections. Hal Drakesmith 15 Mar 2011
7 Creative Commons Tuberculosis Dr Helen McShane has been working on a new TB vaccine for 10 years. She explains why developing countries are especially in need of a new vaccine since HIV and TB epidemics overlap and show a devastating synergy. Helen McShane 01 Mar 2011
6 Creative Commons Drug Discovery Professor Chas Bountra explains how new drugs can offer novel treatments for neurodegenerative and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as pain disorders. Chas Bountra 20 Dec 2010
5 Genetic Variation in Inflammation and Immunity Dr Julian Knight explains how new insights into genetic variants which modulate gene expression allow us to better understand why people develop these diseases, and allow us to target treatments more effectively. Julian Knight 29 Nov 2010
4 Creative Commons Chromatin Remodelling Dr Erika Mancini explains how malfunctions in the regulation of chromatin structure often leads to complex multi-system diseases and cancer, notably leukemia. Erika Mancini 15 Nov 2010
3 Creative Commons Malaria and Global Health Dr Climent Casals-Pascual explains how the development of new tools to diagnose and manage malaria more effectively will allow us to decrease the mortality of this condition. Climent Casals-Pascual 02 Nov 2010
2 Women's Health Dr Krina Zondervan is interested is women's health conditions, particularly endometriosis. Dr Zondervan studies genetic, molecular and environmental factors influencing this complex disorder. Krina Zondervan 30 Sep 2010
1 Creative Commons Malaria Vaccines Professor Adrian Hill has been studying the immune system and malaria susceptibility in African children for years. We asked him about his latest findings in the development of vaccines against malaria. Adrian Hill 18 Oct 2010