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Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Series featuring Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

  • Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  • Ethics in AI
  • Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Digital News Report 2021. Episode 5. How do people think about the financing of the commercial news media? This episode looks at public understanding of the financial pressures that the news media is under, how much they are concerned about it, and what they think should be done. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Richard Fletcher, Federica Cherubini 19 Jul 2021
2 Digital News Report 2021. Episode 1: What you need to know Authors of the Digital News Report, the most comprehensive study of news consumption trends worldwide, discuss the key findings from this year's report. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Nic Newman, Frederica Cherubini 21 Jun 2021
3 Privacy is Power Carissa Véliz discusses her new book 'Privacy is Power', focusing on the importance of understanding how our data is used and how we can protect our privacy. Carissa Véliz, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 01 Dec 2020
4 How 2020 is changing newsrooms around the world Rasmus Nielsen speaks to Federica Cherubini about her report looking at the central challenges facing news organisations in 2020 according to a survey of 136 newsroom leaders from around the world Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Frederica Cherubini 09 Nov 2020
5 Who are most vulnerable to misinformation about the pandemic Federica Cherubini speaks with Rasmus Nielsen and Richard Fletcher, two of the authors of a recent report about the coronavirus communication crisis in the UK. Frederica Cherubini, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Richard Fletcher 27 Oct 2020
6 2e. Artificial Intelligence and the news Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, gives the fifth talk in the second Ethics in AI seminar, held on January 27th 2020 (postponed from December 2nd 2019). Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 27 Jan 2020
7 Creative Commons What's happening to our media The Reuters Institute's Director of Research, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, gives the first seminar of our 'The Business and Practice of Journalism' series for Michaelmas Term, 2017. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 13 Oct 2017
8 The Unfinished Media Revolution Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Reuters Institute, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 22 Oct 2014
9 Creative Commons Political Journalism in Transition This seminar marks the publication of a new Reuters Institute book, Political Journalism in Transition: Western Europe in a Comparative Perspective, which provides a comprehensive and comparative analysis of the state of political journalism today. Raymond Kuhn, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, John Lloyd 14 Nov 2013
10 Creative Commons Ten years that shook the media world [2013] Rasmus Kleis Nielsen gives a talk for the Reuters seminar series. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 22 Oct 2013
11 Creative Commons Ten years that Shook the Media World [2012] Launch of a new Reuters Institute report, 'Ten Years that Shook the Media World'. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 05 Nov 2012
12 Creative Commons Survival is Success: journalistic online start-ups in Western Europe Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Research fellow, RISJ, gives a talk for the RISJ seminar series. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 15 May 2012