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Alumni Office

The role of the Alumni Office is to establish and enhance a continuing relationship between the University of Oxford and its alumni. There are more than 180,000 Oxford alumni, of whom about one-third are based overseas and this number is growing as the University accepts more international students and undergraduate and graduate level. We aim to provide all Oxonians, regardless of their college or subject affiliations, with an alumni experience commensurate with their world-class education and offer a varied programme of benefits, events and communications to help keep you in touch and involved with your University.

Series associated with Alumni Office

Alumni Voices
Alumni Weekend
Valentine's Day at Oxford
# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Politics and Popular Poetry in the Arab World Professor Clive Holes gives a short talk on Arabic popular poetry; a medium of social satire and cultural criticism that is as important in Arabic culture as much as Social satire is in British culture. He also reads three translations of political poetry Clive Holes 29 Apr 2009
4 Howard Carter's excavation records of the tomb of Tutankhamun Dr Jaromir Malek, Keeper of the Archive at the Griffith Institute talks about the tomb of Tutankhamun; its discovery by Howard Carter and what the Griffith Institute are doing to study the tomb and the treasures inside it. Jaromir Malek 29 Apr 2009
3 The Kadoorie Study in China Zhengming Chen, Professor of Epidemiology, gives a talk on the Kadoorie Biobank study, a joint Chinese and British study looking at the lifestyles of 500,000 people and presents some of the findings that can be used to influence public health policy. Zhengming Chen 29 Apr 2009
2 Beyond the Globe: Exploring the Solar System Professor Fred Taylor discusses some of Oxford University's pioneering work in planetary science. Fred Taylor 29 Apr 2009
1 Genetics of Common Human Diseases Peter Donnelly, one of the UK's leading statisticians and geneticists, discusses his involvement in recent projects aimed at understanding the genetics of common human diseases. Peter Donnelly 29 Apr 2009