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'Must it be a Man?' Women's contribution to the University of Oxford
Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
Behind the Scenes at the Oxford University Museums
Beyond the Binary: Queering and Questioning Collections and Displays at the Pitt Rivers Museum
Biology - Organisms Lectures
Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden Audio trail
Botanic Garden Chemistry Audio Tour
Cai Guo-Qiang Gunpowder Art Symposium
Centenary celebration of the first modern Spanish endowment at Oxford
Centre for the Study of the Book
Crossing Borders: Hebrew Manuscripts as a Meeting-place of Cultures
Death at the Museum
Designing English: Graphics on the medieval page
Digital Sketchbooks: Using tablets to support a museum art visit
History of the Book 2017-2019
Illuminating the Museums conference 2014
Let Us Now Praise Famous Women - Discovering the work of Female Photographers
Literatures of Multilingual Europe
Living in the Stone Age
Lyell Lectures
Medieval German Studies
Messy Realities - the Secret Life of Technology
Museum of Natural History Public Talks
Oxford Union Library Audio Tour
Oxford Women in Computing: An Oral History
Persian arts of the book conference 13-14 July 2021
Pitt Rivers Museum
Plant Conservation
Plants and People
Reading, Writing, Romans
Recollecting Oxford Medicine: Oral Histories
Recording the Reformation
Reformation 2017
Researchers at work in Bodleian archives and historic collections
Sheldon Tapestry Maps
Shelley's Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family
Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Oral Histories
Staging History, 1780 to 1840
Temple of Science
Textiles in Libraries: Context & Conservation series
The Bodleian Libraries (BODcasts)
The Elements of Drawing
The History of Science Museum
The Oxford Seminars in Cartography: Women and Maps
The Paratexts Podcast
The UN at 70: witness seminar
Thinking with Things: The Oxford Collection
Understanding Egyptian Collections: Innovative display and research projects in museums
Valentine's Day at Oxford
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Talk 1: Textiles in Libraries: glimpses from the Bodleian The first talk in the Textiles in Libraries: Context and Conservation series brings together three colleagues from across the Bodleian Library to explore the wide variety and sometimes surprising uses of textiles found in our collections. Jo Maddocks, Andrew Honey, Martin Kauffmann, Alice Evans 11 Nov 2021
2 Meet the Manuscripts: Uncomfortable English Manuscripts In this lecture, we look at some beautiful, austere, and distinctively uncomfortable manuscripts and learn how the Middle Ages shaped the way we read today both in print and on screen. Dan Wakelin, Andrew Dunning, Helen Cook 08 Nov 2021
3 The serpentine text of the Gutenberg Bible The fifth lecture in the Lyell Lecture 2021 series delivered by Paul Needham, Princeton Paul Needham 25 Oct 2021
4 Meet the Manuscripts: Meet the Fragments Exploring their physical function in manuscripts – and the bad things that can happen when they are removed for study – as well as showing what they can contribute to book history. Andrew Honey, Matthew Holford 20 Oct 2021
5 Fifteenth-century Latin Bible printing and distribution The fourth lecture in the Lyell Lecture 2021 series delivered by Paul Needham, Princeton Paul Needham 19 Oct 2021
6 The Texts of the Gutenberg Bible; the case of 4 Ezra The third lecture in the Lyell Lecture 2021 series delivered by Paul Needham, Princeton Paul Needham 19 Oct 2021
7 Latin Bible-writing in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; the Gutenberg Bible workshop The second lecture in the Lyell Lecture 2021 series delivered by Paul Needham, Princeton Paul Needham 18 Oct 2021
8 The Christian Latin Bible from its origins to the 13th-century Paris Bible The first lecture in the Lyell Lecture 2021 series delivered by Paul Needham, Princeton Paul Needham 18 Oct 2021
9 David Tibbs Derek Hockaday interviews David Tibbs, vascular surgeon, 7 February 2011. David Tibbs, Derek Hockaday 04 Oct 2021
10 Terence Ryan Susan Burge interviews Terence Ryan, consultant dermatologist and emeritus professor of dermatology, 18 November 2020. Terence Ryan, Susan Burge 30 Sep 2021
11 Michael Gillmer Derek Hockaday interviews Michael Gillmer, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, 27 February 2014. Michael Gillmer, Derek Hockaday 27 Sep 2021
12 David Warrell Derek Hockaday interviews David Warrell, honorary consultant physician and Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine, 24 March 2014. David Warrell, Derek Hockaday 27 Sep 2021
13 Robert Twycross Derek Hockaday interviews Robert Twycross, physician and pioneer of palliative care and medicine, 7 August 2018. Robert Twycross, Derek Hockaday 24 Sep 2021
14 Joe Smith Derek Hockaday interviews Joe Smith, consultant urologist, 18 November 2013. Joe Smith, Derek Hockaday 23 Sep 2021
15 Roots to Seeds: the evolution of plant science Join Professor Stephen Harris (Curator of Roots to Seeds at the Bodleian Library) and Dr Chris Thorogood, (Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum) as they discuss the past, present and future of botanical research and teaching. Stephen Harris, Chris Thorogood, Helen Cook 17 Sep 2021
16 Peter Sleight Derek Hockaday interviews Peter Sleight, research cardiologist and consultant physician, 22 September 2013. Peter Sleight, Derek Hockaday 15 Sep 2021
17 Chris Redman Derek Hockaday interviews Chris Redman, obstetric consultant and clinical professor, 13 November 2016. Chris Redman, Derek Hockaday 14 Sep 2021
18 Christopher Paine Peggy Frith interviews Sir Christopher Paine, consultant clinical oncologist and former Director of Clinical Studies, 25 Jul 2012. Christopher Paine, Peggy Frith 14 Sep 2021
19 John Oxbury Derek Hockaday interviews John Oxbury, neurologist, 20 November 2013. John Oxbury, Derek Hockaday 14 Sep 2021
20 Richard Moxon Derek Hockaday interviews Richard Moxon, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and former Chairman of Paediatrics, 21 July 2016. Richard Moxon, Derek Hockaday 10 Sep 2021
21 Neil Mortensen Derek Hockaday interviews Neil Mortensen, consultant colorectal surgeon, 10 November 2014. Neil Mortensen, Derek Hockaday 10 Sep 2021
22 Brian Longworth Derek Hockaday interviews Brian Longworth, former mechanical technician and engineer at the Radcliffe Infirmary, 31 July 2015. Derek Hockaday, Brian Longworth 09 Sep 2021
23 Grant de Jersey Lee Derek Hockaday interviews Grant de Jersey Lee, physician and cardiologist, 13 June 2013. Grant de Jersey Lee, Derek Hockaday 08 Sep 2021
24 Jim Holt Peggy Frith interviews Jim Holt, former Director of Clinical studies for Oxford Medical School, 1 June 2012. Jim Holt, Peggy Frith 08 Sep 2021
25 John Ledingham Derek Hockaday interviews John Ledingham, professor of Clinical Medicine and former Director of Clinical Studies, 2013. John Ledingham, Derek Hockaday 07 Sep 2021
26 Donald Lane Derek Hockaday interviews consultant chest physician Donald Lane, 31 Oct 2013. Donald Lane, Derek Hockaday 06 Sep 2021
27 Derek Jewell Derek Hockaday interviews Derek Jewell, Emeritus Professor of Gastroenterology, 14 Feb 2013. Derek Jewell, Derek Hockaday 06 Sep 2021
28 Trevor Hughes Interview with Trevor Hughes, neuropathologist and fellow of Green Templeton College, conducted by Derek Hockaday, 2015. Trevor Hughes, Derek Hockaday 25 Aug 2021
29 Tony Hope Derek Hockaday interviews Tony Hope, Professor of Medical ethics and honorary consultant psychiatrist, 6 May 2014. Tony Hope, Derek Hockaday 24 Aug 2021
30 Peggy Frith Interview with Peggy Frith, deputy Director of Clinical Studies for Oxford University Medical School and consultant ophthalmologist, conducted by Derek Hockaday, 15 Sep 2015. Peggy Frith, Derek Hockaday 24 Aug 2021
31 Andrew Freeland Derek Hockaday interviews Andrew Freeland, ENT consultant and surgeon, 22 May 2014 Andrew Freeland, Derek Hockaday 23 Aug 2021
32 Godfrey Fowler Derek Hockaday interviews Godfrey Fowler, general practitioner and medical scientist, 7 Mar 2014 Godfrey Fowler, Derek Hockaday 23 Aug 2021
33 Pierre Foex Derek Hockaday interviews Pierre Foex, Emeritus Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetics, 21 November 2018. Pierre Foex, Derek Hockaday 23 Aug 2021
34 Derek Hockaday Peggy Frith interviews Derek Hockaday, 24 Sep 2020 Derek Hockaday, Peggy Frith 23 Aug 2021
35 Julian Britton Derek Hockaday interviews Julian Britton, surgeon and former Director of Clinical Studies for Oxford Medical School, 23 Jan 2019. Julian Britton, Derek Hockaday 23 Aug 2021
36 Body of evidence In this online event, Ana Paula Cordeiro, the creator of Body of Evidence, speaks from the workshop in New York City where she produced it. She will be joined in conversation by Merve Emre, Associate Professor of American Literature. Ana Paula Cordeiro, Merve Emre 17 Aug 2021
37 Hung Cheng Derek Hockaday interviews Hung Cheng, consultant ophthalmological surgeon, 11 February 2015. Hung Cheng, Derek Hockaday 10 Aug 2021
38 Nick Dudley Derek Hockaday interviews Nick Dudley, consultant surgeon and founder member of the British Association of Endocrine Surgeons, 26 March 2014. Nicholas Dudley, Derek Hockaday 10 Aug 2021
39 David Paterson Derek Hockaday interviews David Paterson, physiologist and Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology, 8 January 2019. David Paterson, Derek Hockaday 10 Aug 2021
40 Peter Burge Derek Hockaday interviews Peter Burge, hand surgeon and consultant, 8 August 2014. Peter Burge, Derek Hockaday 10 Aug 2021
41 Folktales' for an Elite Audience Discussing the text and images of MS. Ouseley Add. 1 Nasrin Askari 29 Jul 2021
42 Making Manuscripts for a Prince of the Black Sheep Overview of Bahari Fellowship examining the codicology and context of the Bodleian Library’s collection of manuscripts made for the 15th century Turkman patron Prince Pir Budaq Anita Chowdry 29 Jul 2021
43 Books, Bags and Boxes Islamic manuscripts were often kept in protective bags and other enclosures, which are an integrated, though understudied part of their physical and historic appearance. Karin Scheper 29 Jul 2021
44 Poetry (and Prose) in Motion: Illuminated Manuscripts from Late Fourteenth-Century Shiraz A short talk about illuminated manuscripts produced in late fourteenth-century Shiraz, including several in the Bodleian Collections and elsewhere Cailah Jackson 29 Jul 2021
45 The Future of the Past: poetry, portraiture, and the reception of antiquity in a Timurid Shahnama This talk focuses on fifteenth-century paintings and poetry inserted into the Shahnama of Ibrahim Sultan (Bodleian Library MS. Ouseley Add. 176) in order to explore the correlation between portraiture and historical self-awareness Peyvand Firouzeh 29 Jul 2021
46 Studying the Pādshāhnāmas (Books of the Emperor) Manuscripts in the Special Collection of the Bodleian Library The talk presents overviews of the three Persian Manuscripts of the Padshahnama MS Elliot 368, MS Caps ORD 1-3 & MS Fraser 138, preserved in the Special Collections of the Bodleian Library ,Oxford Gulfishan Khan 29 Jul 2021
47 The Bodleian’s Akhbār-i Barmakiyān: Tales on Super Heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq A short talk given at the Persian Art of the Book conference Arezou Azad 29 Jul 2021
48 Illustrated Manuscript of Persian Translation of One Thousand and One Nights A discussion of the Persian translations of the Thousand and One Nights in the World, focusing on the illustrated version kept in the Golestān Palace (Tehran) and the image-less version kept in the Bodleian Library (Oxford). Ali Boozari 29 Jul 2021
49 Singing together; apart: drama and medieval chant As both audience members and actors, you will learn to sing the classic Easter sequence hymn 'Victimae paschali laudes' ('Praises to the paschal victim') and see how it formed part of a medieval play. Henrike Lähnemann, Andrew Dunning, Zachary Guiliano, Nick Swarbrick 17 Jun 2021
50 Meet the Manuscripts: hidden treasures of medieval illumination Matthew Holford, Tolkien Curator of Medieval Manuscripts, and Martin Kauffmann, Head of Early and Rare Collections, in conversation about the artists, patrons and significance of three extraordinary manuscripts. Martin Kauffmann, Matthew Holford 28 May 2021
51 Lost and found in the map library: changes in early map librarianship Georgia Brown, UW-Milwaukee Libraries, WI, USA, gives the third talk in session 3B of the seminar. Georgia Brown 12 May 2021
52 Beyond “clerical cartography”: gender and the production of Sanborn fire insurance maps in the 1920s Jack Swab, University of Kentucky, USA, gives the second talk in session 3B in the seminar. Jack Swab 12 May 2021
53 Where are all the women? The case of the Halls Debbie Hall, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, gives the first talk in session 3B in the seminar. Debbie Hall 12 May 2021
54 The political cartographies of Marthe Rajchman Mike Heffernan and Benjamin Thorpe, University of Nottingham, give the first talk of session 3A in the seminar. Mike Heffernan, Benjamin Thorpe 12 May 2021
55 From body as territory to feminicides mapping: discourses and mapping languages by Latin American feminist cartographies Manuela Silveira, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, gives the third talk in the second session of the seminar. Manuela Silveira 12 May 2021
56 Mapping toward equitable solutions in public transit planning Suzie Birdsell, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting, Boston, USA, gives the second presentation, in the second session of the seminar. Suzie Birdsell 12 May 2021
57 ‘Octavia always enjoyed a map’: Octavia Hill, maps, and Victorian social reform Elizabeth Baigent, University of Oxford, gives the first talk in the second session of the seminar. Elizabeth Baigent 12 May 2021
58 Women and children first: gender, flood and victimhood in Dutch eighteenth-century maps of dike-breaks Anne-Rieke van Schaik, University of Amsterdam, gives the third in the first session of the seminar. Anne-Rieke van Schaik 12 May 2021
59 The rise, persistence and surprising end of female personifications of the continents on maps Chet Van Duzer, University of Rochester, NY, USA, gives the second presentation in the first session of the seminar. Chet Van Duzer 12 May 2021
60 Where are the women on sixteenth-century French World maps? Camille Serchuk, Southern Connecticut State University, USA, gives the first talk in the first session of the seminar. Camille Serchuk 12 May 2021
61 Welcome and Introduction Catríona Cannon, Deputy Librarian, Bodleian Libraries, introduces the seminar. Catriona Cannon 12 May 2021
62 Singing Together; Apart: Gregorian Chant Workshop for Candlemas Building on the repertoire from our previous workshop, we will add further pieces for Candlemas where everybody is invited to join in by singing the communal response Henrike Lähnemann, Nick Swarbrick, Andrew Dunning 29 Mar 2021
63 Meet the Manuscripts: judging a book by its cover The covers can tell us as much about a book as its contents. This workshop explores the secrets which bookbindings reveal about the uses and histories of medieval manuscripts. Matthew Holford, Andrew Honey 29 Mar 2021
64 Learning since our mothers day Oxford's registrar gives a personal account of her mother's journey through education and early career, and the expectations for women at the time, and how that has shaped her own career. Gill Aitken 02 Mar 2021
65 The architecture of women’s higher education in England, 1869–1914 How University architecture reflects the presence of women and their perceived needs, and the generosity of female benefactors Geoffrey Tyack 02 Mar 2021
66 Diversifying portraiture: women’s place in a project to change the representation of Oxford success Alice Prochaska discusses the Diversifying Portraiture project designed by the Equality and Diversity Unit at Oxford University Alice Prochaska 02 Mar 2021
67 A subject ‘for Honours men’: women in the early School of Geography A look at early women geography students at Oxford Elizabeth Baigent 02 Mar 2021
68 Women of the Bodleian: personal stories behind progressive steps A look at the early women librarians of the Bodleian Library Anne Lawrence 02 Mar 2021
69 The domestic work of women at Oxford colleges A look at the history of the women service sector workers at Oxford Colleges and upon whom the comfortable academic life depended Kathryne Crossley 02 Mar 2021
70 Women college principals and their views on degrees, 1879–1920 Anne Keene explores the views of the 10 women principals of the 5 women's colleges estabished between 1879-1920 Anne Keen 02 Mar 2021
71 The most woman-studentish? Somerville College and student life A look at early women students at Somerville College Oxford Mo Moulton 02 Mar 2021
72 'The Lady Collationers': women and the study of medieval manuscripts in the Bodleian Libraries A look at the careers of the Parker sisters known as the Lady Collationers Hope Williard 02 Mar 2021
73 All but absent from history? Women in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Womens roles in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Jane Garnett 02 Mar 2021
74 ‘Must it be a man?’: the women who helped to make the Oxford English Dictionary Peter Gilliver discusses the contribution women made to the Oxford English Dictionary Peter Gilliver 02 Mar 2021
75 Women workers at OUP A look back at women who worked at the Oxford University Press. Delivered by Peter Gilliver on behalf of Martin Maw Martin Maw, Peter Gilliver 02 Mar 2021
76 Women in the Oxford English Dictionary A fascinating insight into the role of women in the Oxford English Dictionary Charlotte Brewer 02 Mar 2021
77 Introduction Richard Ovenden, head of the Bodleian Library, gives a short introduction to the event Richard Ovenden 02 Mar 2021
78 Singing Together; Apart: Gregorian Chant Workshop – Song of Simeon In this online choir workshop you will learn to sing along with a simple voice part from the Candlemas Nunc Dimittis and see the 15th-century manuscript from the Cistercian nunnery of Medingen where the music is preserved in the Bodleian Libraries Henrike Lähnemann, Nick Swarbrick, Andrew Dunning, Alexandra Burgar 15 Dec 2020
79 Reynard the Fox In this BodCast from the Friends of the Bodleian, Professor Dame Marina Warner interviews Anne Louise Avery, writer and art historian, on the subject of Avery's recent book, Reynard the Fox https://bodleianshop.co.uk/products/reynard-the-fox Dame Marina Warner, Anne Louise Avery 09 Dec 2020
80 Panel Discussion 4: Working to Establish Tomorrow's Names Taous Dahmani chairs a discussion with Fiona Rogers, Max Houghton and Anna Fox Taous Dahmani, Fiona Rogers, Max Houghton, Anna Fox 17 Nov 2020
81 Panel Discussion 3: Feminist Multi-taskers: Being a Photographer, a Writer and a Curator Taous Dahmini chairs a discussion with Patrizia Di Bello and Deborah Cherry Taous Dahmani, Patrizia Di Bello, Deborah Cherry 17 Nov 2020
82 Panel Discussion 2: Unveiling the Archive, Revealing Photographers Taous Dahmini chairs a discussion with Erika Lederman and Jessica Sutcliffe Taous Dahmani, Jessica Sutcliffe, Erika Lederman 17 Nov 2020
83 Panel Discussion 1: Historiography's Origin Stories Taous Dahmani chairs a discussion with Val Williams Taous Dahmani, Val Willams 17 Nov 2020
84 Fast Forward: Women in Photography Anna Fox gives an overview of Fast Forward - a research project designed to promote and engage with women in photography across the globe. Anna Fox 13 Nov 2020
85 Write or be Written Off: the work of Jo Spence (1934-1992) as photography 'theory' Patrizia Di Bello discusses the work of Jo Spence as a writer, organiser and photographer Patrizia Di Bello 13 Nov 2020
86 The Isabel Project: Uncomvering 19th Century Institutional Photographers, One Woman at a Time Erika Lederman talks about her practice and the work of the V & A museum's first in house photographer, Isabel Cowper. Erika Lederman 13 Nov 2020
87 Of parasites, dinosaurs, and other model animals Elaine Charwat has been on a journey into the attic storerooms behind the scenes of the Museum to discover 19th-century wax models of parasites. Elaine Charwat, Mark Carnall, Péter Molnár 11 Nov 2020
88 John Ledingham Peggy Frith interviews John Ledingham, professor of Clinical Medicine and former Director of Clinical Studies, 23 April 2012. Peggy Frith, John Ledingham, Rosie Fitzherbert Jones 05 Nov 2020
89 The Helen Muspratt Archive Jessica Sutcliffe, the daughter of photographer, Helen Muspratt, give a short talk on her mother's life and career. Jessica Sutcliffe 26 Oct 2020
90 Creating History and Building Legacy (Illuminations, The Other Observers, Warworks, Signals Festival) Val Williams gives a short talk on what it is like for early women photographers in a very male dominated industry Val Williams 26 Oct 2020
91 The Golden Age of French Writing Masters? Professor Marc Smith, Professeur de Paléographie, The Ecole Nationale des Chartes, Paris delivers the 4th lecture in this years Lyell Lecture series Marc Smith 09 Oct 2020
92 Renaissance Calligraphy from Pen to Press and Back Professor Marc Smith, Professeur de Paléographie, The Ecole Nationale des Chartes, Paris delivers the 3rd lecture in this years Lyell Lecture series Marc Smith 06 Oct 2020
93 Bibliography and the Life Cycles of Writing Books The 2nd lecture in the 2020 series delivered by Professor Marc Smith, Professeur de Paléographie, The Ecole Nationale des Chartes, Paris Marc Smith 01 Oct 2020
94 Episode 5 – Babylon: Natural Theology versus Scientific Naturalism When Museum opened in 1860, a new secular approach to science was on the rise. In the final episode of Temple of Science we see how ‘natural theology’ responded to the challenges of Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection. John Holmes 01 Oct 2020
95 Episode 4 – Chambers of the Ministering Priests: Building Scientific Disciplines The Museum was founded on the principle that art should be used to teach science and to inspire generations of scientists. In episode 4 of Temple of Science we see how this was put into practice in some of the building’s less familiar spaces. John Holmes 01 Oct 2020
96 Episode 3 – The Sanctuary of the Temple of Science: The Central Court The central court of the Museum was described by one founder as ‘the sanctuary of the Temple of Science’. In this episode we see how every detail of this unique space was carefully planned and crafted to form a comprehensive model of natural science. John Holmes 01 Oct 2020
97 Episode 2 – 'God’s Own Museum': The Façade In episode 2 of Temple of Science, we take a closer look at the decoration on the outside of the Museum building, which captures the vitality of nature, presented in Victorian Oxford as the study of God’s creation. John Holmes 01 Oct 2020
98 Writing Models and the Formation of National Scripts The first lecture in the Lyell Lecture 2020 series delivered by Professor Marc Smith - Professeur de Paléographie, The Ecole Nationale des Chartes, Lyell Reader in Bibliography 2020 Marc Smith, Richard Ovenden 29 Sep 2020
99 Episode 1 – Oxford's Pre-Raphaelite Natural History Museum In the first episode of Temple of Science we find out how the Museum came to be, involving not only scientists but artists, architects and designers in one of the most original creative collaborations of the Victorian age. John Holmes 29 Sep 2020
100 Susan Burge (part 4) Part 4 of Derek Hockaday's interview with Susan Burge, consultant dermatologist and former Director of Clinical Studies, 22 July 2015. Susan Burge, Derek Hockaday 16 Sep 2020