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Worcester College

We've been delighted by the recent number of Worcester Old Members who have been publishing books on a huge range of subjects, and so we thought you might like to hear a bit more from some of Worcester's writers - about their inspiration, their writing processes, and any memories of Worcester that have helped them in their literary careers. These episodes are the first in our new podcast series, and the brief Q&As are only a few minutes long, so perfect to watch during a coffee break. They may even inspire you to pick up a pen yourself!

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Among the Supporting Cast Sir Timothy Sainsbury (1953) on his memoir, Among the Supporting Cast. Sir Timothy Sainsbury 10 Mar 2021
2 Mainstream Nathan Evans (1993) explores the anthology Mainstream Nathan Evans 23 Feb 2021
3 Sharks, Death, Surfers Melissa McCarthy (1994) on her book, Sharks, Death, Surfers Melissa McCarthy 02 Feb 2021
4 Etiquette Isabel Parkinson (2015) on her debut novel, Etiquette Isabel Parkinson 27 Jan 2021
5 In At The Deep End Alex Gunz (1994, PPE) on his novel, In At The Deep End Alex Gunz 02 Oct 2020
6 Exiles From Paris Brigitte Adès (1982) on her novel, Exiles From Paris Brigitte Ades 01 Oct 2020
7 The Cry of the Lake Charlie Tyler (1993) on her debut novel, The Cry of the Lake Charlie Tyler 30 Sep 2020