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Migration and the resilience and vulnerability of place

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Duration: 0:54:55 | Added: 06 Sep 2012
Talk based on a UK wide study of immigration an social cohesion, done between 2005-2008. Exploring the lived lives and practices of new immigrants as well as the long term settled population and through this consider social cohesion policies in the UK.

COMPAS Seminar Series Trinity 2011: Filling the Gaps on the Impacts of Immigration. There is much discussion about the optimal number and desirable characteristics of migrants. A key aspect of this discussion is the impact of immigration on the receiving society, including impacts on the provision of certain services, crime, local wages, social cohesion, neighbourhood dynamics and housing. In some cases, the academic research on these impacts has not kept pace with the policy discussion. As a result, in many cases, policies are based on assumptions, rather than facts. In other cases, there is academic research on the impact, but has been ignored in policy creation. This seminar series hopes to shed light on these issues by exploring the impacts of immigration on receiving countries.

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