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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Becoming a field conservationist with Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh In this episode, Sofia and Julia talk to conservationist Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh about conserving chimpanzees, the importance of mentorship, and also being a woman in the field. Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh, Julia Migne, Sofia Castello y Tickell 04 Oct 2021
2 Leading and teaching Evidence-Based Health Care Professor Kamal Mahtani and David Nunan interview Professor Paul Glasziou, Director of the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare at Bond University, about his experience of leadership and his work in capacity building through teaching and supervision. Kamal Mahtani, David Nunan, Paul Glasziou 18 Mar 2021
3 The Queen's Access Podcast: Episode 5 - Leadership Kyla Thomas, Queen’s JCR Access and Outreach Rep, talks to Isabelle Gibbons, former Vice President for the JCR, about what a JCR does, the elections process, and how you can be involved in student leadership. Kyla Thomas, Isabelle Gibbons 18 Feb 2021
4 Women Making History: The Leaders of Today – roundtable discussion chaired by Victoria Tandy, Co-Founder of the Women Leaders in Museums Network ‘Women Making History: The Leaders of Today’ is a roundtable session exploring the presence of women in senior roles in heritage organisations, at the Women and Power conference which took place on the 6th and 7th March 2019. Hilary Carty, Kate Clark, Sara Wajid, Virginia Tandy 07 Mar 2019
5 Creative Commons Menachem Klein - Abbas' Leadership in a State Postponed Menachem Klein discusses the political biography and leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority. Menachem Klein 06 Feb 2019
6 Creative Commons At the Frontlines of Change: Feminist Leadership Transforming Lives - Devaki Jain Lecture Noeleen Heyzer gives the 2016 Devaki Jain Lecture. Noeleen Heyzer 10 Mar 2017
7 Passion or Procrastination: How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and thier Teams Take Big Bet Decisions or Don't. 2015 Richard Normann Lecture Larry Hirschhorn, Principal CFAR, gives the 2015 Richard Normann Memorial lecture. Larry Hirschhorn 24 Nov 2015
8 Creative Commons Leadership and Embedding a Culture of Innovation at the University of Manchester A talk delivered by Jan Wilkinson at the Anybook Oxford Libraries Conference 2015 - Adapting for the Future: Developing Our Professions and Services, 21st July 2015. Jan Wilkinson 15 Sep 2015
9 2000 Women Plenary and Panel Discussion: Leadership, Participation and Equality The President of St John's, Professor Maggie Snowling introduces a discussion of leadership, participation and equality and how 2000 Women and an ongoing St John's Women’s Network might best support women to ever-greater success and fulfilment. Maggie Snowling, Rowena Ironside, Sarah-Jane King, Nadia Motraghi 16 Jul 2015
10 The CEO report: Embracing the paradoxes of leadership and the power of doubt We discuss the role business plays in society, and the expectations about the role business should play, having shifted dramatically in recent years. Michael Smets, Amanda Moss Cowan 14 May 2015
11 Creative Commons Sustainable mental health An introduction to key aspects of sustainable mental health, and how this can be applied across the NHS more widely. Daniel Maughan 21 Jan 2014
12 Leading for the 21st Century Dr Lisa Klein, Mr Wes Moore and Mr Peter Wilson discuss future leaders for the 21st century at the Rhodes Trust Scholarship 110th anniversary event. Lisa Klein, Wes Moore, Peter Wilson 16 Oct 2013
13 Building a Business 2012/13: Be a New Kind of Leader, Fit for the 21st Century John Knights is the Co-founder and Chairman of Leadershape Ltd. John Knights 19 Mar 2013
14 Building a Business: Managing People, Managing Teams Tim Cook (Non-Executive Director of Isis Innovation) discusses managing people and teams. Tim Cook 22 Feb 2012
15 Creative Commons The Life of Henry the Fift. ePub version of text The Life of Henry the Fifth. / Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. William Shakespeare 20 Oct 2010
16 Creative Commons Henry V The second lecture in the Approaching Shakespeare series looks at King Henry V, and asks whether his presentation in the play is entirely positive. Emma Smith 20 Oct 2010
17 Creative Commons Social Entrepreneurship: Integrating Leadership and Technology for Social Change Pamela Hartigan, Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Mirjana Radovic, Professor of Business Management and Entrepreneurship talk about Social Entrepreneurship at the International Women's Leadership Symposium. Pamela Hartigan, Mirjana Radovic 01 Sep 2010