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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Like Milk and Sugar Dominic Vendell gives the second presentation for the first day of the Maharashtra Studies Conference. Dominic Vendell 28 Apr 2021
2 Creative Commons Jeko Khere So Khaye (He who tills has the right to eat); 'development' and the politics of agrarian reform in late 1940s and early 1950s in Sindh Sarah Ansari (Royal Holloway) gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre seminar series. Sarah Ansari 26 Nov 2020
3 Rajput loyalties in the Mughal age Cynthia Talbot (Texas at Austin) gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre seminar series on Mughal India and the Rajput. Cynthia Talbot 12 Nov 2020
4 The International Thought of Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Dr Faisal Devji Dr Faisal Devji from the University of Oxford speaks on the international thought of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Faisal Devji 21 Apr 2020
5 Asia and the Great Divergence Bishnu Gupta (Professor of Economics, Warwick) gives a lecture on ‘Asia and the Great Divergence’. Bishnu Gupta 28 Sep 2019
6 Did the Little Divergence within Europe and America contribute to the Great Divergence? Leandro Prados de la Escosura (Professor of Economic History, Carlos III University, Madrid) gives a lecture on ‘Did the Little Divergence within Europe and America contribute to the Great Divergence?’ Leandro Prados de la Escosura 28 Sep 2019
7 Creative Commons Is censorship stifling China's media? Introduction by Richard Sambrook Vincent Ni 09 Feb 2017
8 How the BBC reaches digital audiences in South Asia Roopa Suchak, South Asia workstream lead, BBC gives a talk for the Business and Practice of Journalism seminar series. Introduction by Richard Sambrook. Roopa Suchak 31 Oct 2016
9 Creative Commons Towards Synthesis of the Youth’s Counter-urbanisation Movement and the Governmental-led Measures for Shrinking Communities in Japan Dr Taro Hirai, Hirosaki University, gives a talk for the Nissan Institute 'Slow Cities? The revitalisation of shrinking communities in Japan' on 10th March, 2016. Taro Hirai 07 Apr 2016
10 Creative Commons Achieving an Asia-Pacific Depopulation Dividend: Evidence and Experience from Shrinking Regions in Japan and New Zealand Dr Peter Matanle, University of Sheffield, gives a talk for the Nissan Institute 'Slow Cities? The revitalisation of shrinking communities in Japan' on 10th March, 2016. Peter Matanle 07 Apr 2016
11 Creative Commons Is the 21st Century Asia's? NB: The first minutes of the presentation were not recorded. Professor Danny Quah speaks at the International Politics of East Asia Seminar Danny Quah 24 Mar 2016
12 Creative Commons Abenomics: Past, Present, and Future Professor Jun Saito (Keio University), gives a talk for the Nissan Institute podcast series. Jun Saito 10 Mar 2016
13 Creative Commons The Making of a Constitution: Pakistan and the Question of Sovereignty Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash gives a talk on Pakistan and it's constitutional sovereignty on 19th January 2016. Yaqoob Khan Bangash 01 Feb 2016
14 Creative Commons The Geopolitics of Change in Burma Bertil Lintner (Independent Journalist and Author) speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar on 20th January 2016. Bertil Lintner 27 Jan 2016
15 A Vote for Authoritarianism? Reflections of Singapore's 2015 General Election Pingtjin Thum (Research Associate, Centre for Global History; Coordinator, Project Southeast Asia) speaks at the Southeast Asia seminar on 21st October 2015. Pingtjin Thum 08 Dec 2015
16 Power and Order, Peace and War: lessons for Asia from 1914-1918 How might a new regional order in Asia look, and how could it be built? Hugh White 01 Sep 2015
17 Past and Future Earthquake Hazard in Asia This lecture illustrates the ways in which the landscape in Central Asia has been influenced by active faults and earthquakes and will examine the hazard faced at the present-day. Richard Walker 11 Jun 2015
18 English language policy and educational planning: Issues and concerns in Asian contexts A public seminar from the Department of Education, delivered by Dr Roger Barnard. Roger Barnard 01 Dec 2014
19 Reporting Pakistan and specialist journalism Owen Bennett-Jones,BBC presenter and journalist, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute Semianr Series Owen Bennett-Jones 03 Feb 2014
20 Creative Commons THEMIS: Developing migration systems in Europe and Asia Hideki Tarumoto presents his paper 'Developing migration systems in Europe and Asia' in Parallel session I(A) of the conference Examining Migration Dynamics: Networks and Beyond, 24-26 Sept 2013 Hideki Tarumoto 20 Jan 2014
21 Creative Commons From victims to actors: Participatory approaches to transitional justice in Nepal Dr. Simon Robins (Humanitarian Practitioner and Associate, Post War Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York) gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series. Simon Robins 02 Jul 2013
22 Creative Commons Albert Hourani Revisited: Arabic and Indian thought in the Liberal Age Professor Sir Christopher Bayly gives a talk for the Humanitas Lecture series on Historigraphy. Sir Christopher Bayly 28 May 2013
23 Creative Commons 2.2 The study of Asia and the Middle East in Oxford University Professor Ed Herzig (Oriental Studies, Persian) delivers part 2/6 of the lecture "How has globalisation changed perceptions of cultural heritage?". Ed Herzig 18 Feb 2013
24 Creative Commons The Constitutional Accommodation of National Pluralism in Post War Sri Lanka: The Lessons for the Present from Sri Lanka's Pre-Colonial Past Asanga!Weikala, PhD Candidate, School of Law, University of Edinburgh gives a talk for the OTJR trinity term 2012 seminar series. Asanga Weikala 06 Jun 2012
25 Creative Commons Asian Migration and the 'British World', circa 1850-1914 (Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar) Rachel Bright, Lecturer in History, Keele University, gives a talk for The Oxford Transnational and Global History Seminar series. Rachel Bright 02 Feb 2012
26 Medical Anthropology at Oxford: Moving from Efficacy to Safety This presentation by Dr Barbara Gerke discusses 'A changing focus in the study of Asian medical systems' and was delivered at the Medical Anthropology conference 10 Years at the Intersections, June 2011. Barbara Gerke 25 Jul 2011
27 Creative Commons Rice as a crop - a 100 year perspective from 1950 to 2050 Part of the Future of Crops lecture series delivered at the Oxford Botanic Gardens. Jane Langdale 19 Jan 2011
28 The Chinese Economy: Myths and Realities Professor Lawrence J Lau delivers the inaugural Mok Hing-YUI Lecture, Oxford China Centre, St Hugh's College, Universiy of Oxford. Lawrence J Lau 16 Aug 2010
29 Korea: Indications and Implications Daniel Schwekendiek from the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Oxford gives a talk for the UBVO seminar series. Daniel Schwkendiek 20 Jul 2010
30 Creative Commons The view from the East pole: Buddhist and Confucian soteriologies and tolerance Professor Owen Flanagan (Duke University) gives a talk for the Science and Religious Conflict Conference. The commentator is Dr Guy Kahane (Oxford). Owen Flanagan, Guy Kahane 07 Jun 2010
31 The Relocation of Young Uyghur Women in China In this podcast the issue of the transfer of young Uyghur women in China is discussed. Michael Dillon, Omer Kanat, Amy Reger, Enver Tohti 15 Apr 2010
32 Studying Buddhism Richard Gombrich, first academic director for the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies (OCBS), gives a talk on Buddhism, from its Indian Origins, its history and its influence on Eastern culture. He also talks about the history of the OCBS. Richard Gombrich 29 Apr 2009
33 Escaping North Korea This podcast was recorded at a talk and book signing by the author Mike Kim which was on Tuesday 10th March 2009 at St Antony's College, University of Oxford. Mike Kim 27 Mar 2009
34 Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture 2008 The Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture was on Wednesday 21st May 2008 at Somerville College, University of Oxford. Professor James C. Scott, Sterling Professor of Political Science, Yale University gave the lecture on the subject of Zomia, Southeast Asia. Roger Zetter, James C. Scott 27 May 2008