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Regional Opportunities and Challenges Facing the West in the Middle East

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Duration: 0:27:33 | Added: 20 Dec 2017
The focus of this presentation is on post-ISIS Syria and Iraq, Iranian ascendancy in the region, and the reaction of the US, UK and their allies in the region. It also considers prospects for Saudi Arabian reform and leadership of the Arab world.

Jonathan Paris is a London-based analyst with interests in counter-radicalization, international security and global trends in a wide range of regions including South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, China and Europe. He was a Middle East Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York from 1995-2000. Since moving to London in June 2001, he has prepared studies for the US government on the future of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Muslims in Europe, China, and China in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is the author of several articles and two monographs, Prospects for Pakistan and Prospects for Iran. Mr. Paris is a graduate of Yale University (BA in Comparative Political and Economic Systems) and Stanford Law School. He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.

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