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Parlez-vous Beams? The Frontier of Beam Physics and Accelerator Science: from High Energy Particle Colliders to Quantum Degenerate Beams

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Duration: 0:53:08 | Added: 17 Jun 2015
Physics Colloquium 12th June 2015 delivered by Professer Swapan Chattopadhyay

The frontier of beam physics and accelerator science is advanced via developments in material and microwave superconductivity, integrable and near-integrable nonlinear dynamics, advanced phase-space control techniques, and various novel concepts of plasmas, materials, lasers and quantum optics. We will touch upon some of the emerging ideas of “quantum-degenerate” particle and light beams, nonlinear integrable dissipative systems, laboratory-based free-electron lasers and single-electron quantum optics for various photon science, atomic, molecular and astro-particle physics “laboratory-based” experiments. These will be contrasted with the current conception of “large-scale” potential future particle colliders and high intensity proton accelerators for exploring the subatomic world beyond our current state of understanding.

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