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electric cars

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Lithium-ion Batteries and Beyond Batteries are one of the most efficient ways to store energy, and there has been a massive increase recently in the use of lithium-ion batteries, particularly in electric cars. Mauro Pasta 03 Apr 2017
2 Supercapacitors, Ionic Liquids, and Implications for Sustainable Energy From smart phones to electric cars, batteries and energy storage devices are vital. Dr Nico Cousens is studying ionic liquid supercapacitors - a next generation technology with the potential to transform energy storage and power the cars of the future. Nico Cousens 18 Jul 2013
3 Creative Commons Who Leads, Who Follows? A Multi-level Perspective of Energy Transitions in the Transport Sector Part of the Transitioning towards Electric Vehicles seminar series held at the Transport Studies Unit of the Oxford University Centre for the Environment. Greg Marsden 15 Jul 2013