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NGO Peacebuilding in Complex Emergencies: the case of Eastern Africa

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Duration: 0:24:33 | Added: 18 Jan 2021
Breakout session on ‘Grassroots Peacebuilding – and linking it to national and international levels’, first talk: Fr Elias Omondi Opongo, Ph.D. candidate, Dept of Peace Studies, Bradford University.

The end of the Cold War marked a new beginning for Non Governmental Organizations' (NGOs) engagement in peacebuilding and conflict transformation at the grassroots and middle level interventions. However, while the last two decades have seen a decrease in inter-state wars, intra-state conflicts escalated, subsequently provoking a gradual paradigm shift in responding to humanitarian crisis in conflict settings: from a relief only approach, to relief-development, and recently to a conflict intervention and peace-building approach. But what are the interactive conflict dynamics that render NGOs as leading age actors in complex emergencies to sustainable peacebuilding processes?

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