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Misplaced Analogies: 'Coordination' and 'Learning' in the Building of Peace

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Duration: 0:20:05 | Added: 18 Jan 2021
Breakout session on 'The Role of International and Regional Organizations in Peacemaking, Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping', third talk: Dr Jochen Prantl, Oxford University, reflects on a lack of effective learning from peacebuilding experience.

This paper highlights the structural impediments to effective coordination and learning in peacebuilding. While the post Cold-War security environment fostered the merger of the security and development agendas and seemed to call for stronger multilateral and multi-level (IGOs, states, NGOS, beneficiaries) partnerships to meet the challenges of managing conflict and building peace, the record has been underwhelming thus far. Review of lessons-learned exercises focusing on coordination illustrates that similar errors and weaknesses are identified in various conflicts, similar lessons are drawn from them, and the same errors and weaknesses re-emerge in later conflicts. This pattern suggests a deeper underlying problem, which will be addressed in the paper.

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