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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Meet the Manuscripts: the Renaissance reform of the book Dr Martin Holford and Dr David Rundle explore how the Italian Renaissance led to major changes in how manuscripts were made, written and decorated in England. Martin Holford, David Rundle 14 Apr 2022
2 Singing Together; Apart: Gregorian Chant Workshop – Song of Simeon In this online choir workshop you will learn to sing along with a simple voice part from the Candlemas Nunc Dimittis and see the 15th-century manuscript from the Cistercian nunnery of Medingen where the music is preserved in the Bodleian Libraries Henrike Lähnemann, Nick Swarbrick, Andrew Dunning, Alexandra Burgar 15 Dec 2020
3 Islamic manuscripts and bindings as a window on East-West relations The making, use and trade of manuscripts was an important part of Islamic culture, the technical developments influenced the making of books in the west from the later medieval period onward. Karin Scheper 20 Apr 2020
4 Plans and elevation: the development of architectural drawings Dr Karl Kinsella introduces a 12th-century manuscript which explores the mystical visions of the prophet Ezekiel and contains some of the earliest architectural drawings in existence. Karl Kinsella 12 Jun 2019
5 Creative Commons Conclusion to Crossing Borders The conclusion to the Crossing Borders exhibition. The exhibition tells the story of how Jews, Christians and Muslims have contributed to the development of the book. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
6 Creative Commons Sciences Piet looks at how the works of famous ancient thinkers such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, Euclid or Ptolemy traveled from culture to culture and formed the basis of Muslim, Christian and Jewish science and philosophy alike. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
7 Creative Commons User-produced Hebrew Prayer Books and Shared Iconography Some Hebrew manuscripts were produced in Christian workshops, others were made by Jewish artists themselves for their own use. Piet looks at examples of these and explores the shared iconography between Christian and Jewish faiths, such as the unicorn. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
8 Creative Commons Hebrew Prayer Books for Public Use Piet looks at the three great Bodleian mahzorim (large and elaborately decorated prayer books for the festivals), which were illuminated by Christian painters in collaboration with and under the supervision of Jewish scribes. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
9 Creative Commons Arabic Art Forms in Spanish Book Production Piet explains Arabic design and illustration in Spanish books, looking in particular at the Kennicott Bible, produced in La Coruna, Spain, in 1476. Piet van Boxel 10 May 2010
10 Creative Commons From Roll to Codex Piet explains codices, the oldest manuscripts in book form, looking in particular at a fragment of the Hebrew text of the book of Ecclesiasticus (ch. 40) from the Cairo Genizah, and the four Gospels in Syriac. Piet van Boxel 06 May 2010
11 Creative Commons Introduction to Crossing Borders An introduction to the Crossing Borders exhibition. The exhibition tells the story of how Jews, Christians and Muslims have contributed to the development of the book. Piet van Boxel 06 May 2010
12 Creative Commons Old English Tour - British Library Audio Only Tour of the Old English Manuscripts on display at the British Library by Dr S. D. Lee, Faculty of English, University of Oxford, 21st March 2007. Stuart Lee 21 Mar 2007