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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons FMR 43 'Everyone for themselves' in DRC's North Kivu While the international donor community has been trying to engage with DRC by partnering with the government to implement the New Deal for Aid Effectiveness for Fragile States, communities in DRC. Luisa Ryan, Dominic Keyzer 09 Aug 2013
2 Creative Commons FMR 43 Repeated displacement in eastern DRC The provision of some basic assistance in places to which people flee makes this process slightly easier but in the absence of state-led protection, multiple displacement has become a defining feature of the Kivu conflict. Fran Beytrison, Olivia Kalis 09 Aug 2013
3 Creative Commons FMR 36 The Data Centre for IDPs in North Kivu Effective provision of aid and protection for those displaced in eastern DRC requires reliable data which the new Data Centre in North Kivu is helping to provide. Laura Jacqueline Church 09 Apr 2013