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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Eco-anxiety with Caroline Hickman This week Sofia and Julia talk to climate psychologist Caroline Hickman about eco-anxiety, climate grief and the power of young climate activists. Caroline Hickman, Julia Migne, Sofia Castello y Tickell 02 Jun 2020
2 Writing an Activist Life A panel discussion with Karin Amatmoekrim, Margaretta Jolly, and JC Niala, exploring the politics and poetics of writing an activist life. Karin Amatmoekrim, Margaretta Jolly, JC Niala 04 Jun 2019
3 Student activism in an era of decolonization ASC seminar by Dan Hodgkinson, Luke Melchiorre and Marcia Schenck. Dan Hodgkinson, Luke Melchiorre, Marcia Schenck 24 Jan 2019
4 Creative Commons Constructing Female Citizenship: Education and Activism in Transition Elizabeth Maber speaks at the 'Gender, Rights and Justice in a Transitioning Myanmar' conference on 13 November 2017. Elizabeth Maber 04 Jul 2018
5 Creative Commons Activism and Accountability in Contemporary Lebanon: A Quiet Revolt? Seminar by Habib Battah (Research fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism) at The Middle East Centre, St Antony's College, 10th February 2016. Habib Battah 15 Feb 2016
6 Social media and protests in Turkey Esra Dogramaci, digital consultant, BBC World Service Digital and Technology group gives a talk for the Reuters Institute semianbr series. Introduction by Richard Sambrook. Esra Dogramaci 21 Jan 2016
7 Creative Commons 'Defining the Civil State in Egypt' Session 2: Religiosity, Activism and Mobilization Part of a seminar on the relationship between religion and politics in Egypt. Gamal Soltan, Samir Morcos 16 Sep 2015
8 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Christian civil disobedience and indefinite, mandatory immigration detention in Australia A new movement of Christian activists in Australia is using radical direct action to challenge their country’s policy of mandatory detention of asylum seeker children. Marcus Campbell 04 Jun 2015
9 Making a Difference: Policy, Practice and Human Rights Jacqueline Bhabha gives a the centinary alumni lecture for the Department of Social Policy and Intervention on the challenges and successes of defending the human rights of refugees and immigrants Jacqueline Bhabha 14 May 2014
10 Activist Humanities in a Global Context Ahadf Soueif, Paul Smith and Robin Kelley discuss how the humanities can solve global challenges Ahdaf Soueif, Paul Smith, Robin Kelley 19 Mar 2014
11 Creative Commons Populism in Modern Constitutions Richard Parker, Paul W. Williams Professor of Criminal Justice at Harvard Law School, presents his thoughts on how populism has figured in the study and practice of modern American constitutional law and the effect it has had. Richard Parker 16 Oct 2013
12 What the World Needs Now from the Environmental Movement Dr Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, gives a talk for the Oxford Alumni Weekend 2013. Kumi Naidoo 03 Oct 2013
13 Creative Commons 1968 Then and Now Professor Robert Gildea, Lecturer in History in Oxford, gives the Eighth Oxford Historians' Alumni Lecture on his research on political activists in Europe in the 1960s and their experiences during this time. Robert Gildea 17 Jun 2013
14 Prathiba Parmar - Beauty in Truth: Women Shaping History The first in our lecture series for Michaelmas Term 2012, given in the Chapel at Mansfield College by award-winning film-maker and activist Prathiba Parmar. Prathiba Parmar 07 May 2013
15 Panel debate: Have activists added to the climate change problem? Neil Bowerman gives the opening talk to the debate, have activists added to the climate change problem? Neil Bowerman 14 Apr 2010