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Innovators or amateurs? The role of do-it-yourself-aid

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Duration: 0:13:39 | Added: 02 Dec 2016
Anne-Meike Fechter (University of Sussex) gives a talk for the Co-Creation and Participatory Approaches to Humanitarian Innovation session.

This presentation investigates the phenomenon of ‘Do-it-yourself-aid’ organisations in Cambodia, describing the ways in which their small-scale and transnational nature enables them to implement innovative approaches to local problems, and suggesting this trend as an example of innovation that might occur in the space created by transnational collaborations between foreign and local small-scale actors.
Co-Creation and Participatory Approaches to Humanitarian Innovation
This panel explores theories and approaches to engaging in participatory work and co-creation with affected populations and vulnerable groups, focusing on interactions between ‘transnational’ organisations and local actors.

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